Modern Data Centers are everywhere, the same as the starts in the sky. As often happens, only few of them are really reliable and stable. However, it is just the kind of Data Center we have chosen for our Servers. The Serverius Company, our partner, provides us one of the best Data Centers of the Netherlands. It is situated right between two key points of the European traffic, between Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The continious connection is being supported by four idependent optic-fiber lines at a speed of one hundred gigabytes per second. The standby power supply is being provided by the powerful diesel generators as well as by the fault-tolerant N+1 and N2 UPS systems. All equipment of the Data Center (from air conditioning system to generators) are being purchased from and maintained by the manufactures only. The high-qualified technical support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Every engineer of the Data Center is always available by phone, e-mail and chat. The Serverius Data Center is one of the five best Data Centers of the Netherlands due to its exceptional qualified services and concern for clients.

Moreover, notwithstanding the fact that the Data Center is situated in Holland, it is situated above the sea level. That means that neither flows and undertows nor global warning constitute a danger to it. Your information is in safe keeping!