General Questions

Are you resellers?

No, the whole equipment belongs entirely to us – from communication equipment, Servers, optical connections to ordinary power cables and sockets. Purchasing our Services, you receive the complete access to them. No second or third persons. Cooperation with us means cooperation with the First Person only. 

Do you have an office?

Yes, we have. It is as follows: 7942KG, Netherlands, Meppel, Ketelskamp 10-4 (SinaroHost LTD).

What is your legal address?

Our legal address is as follows: 7942KG, Netherlands, Meppel, Ketelskamp 10-4 (SinaroHost LTD).

Our legal name is as follows: SinaroHost  GmbH (Germany). SinaroHost LTD (other countries).

Banking payment details shall be issued by the accounting system when ordering.

Why the prices have been stated on the website in EUR?

We are the European Company and work in compliance with the European Union legislation. However, we accept different currencies for convenience of our clients (for instance, USD). All prices include VAT.

Shall I receive the administration panel when ordering the Dedicated Server?

Yes, you will receive the ISPmanager 5 Administration Panel free of charge. If requested, we can set up the Server just exactly in accordance with your tasks and goals.

How can I pay for the Service?

We accept the following payment methods: WebMoney, Visa/Master Card (3D secure), Qiwi, Yandex.Money, PayPal, EPESE, ePayments, Z-Payment, Wire transfer. If there is no method convenient to you, please contact us any time you like to discuss other options. 

When I receive a Server after payment at your website?

The Services are being activated automatically. The system will take about 15 minutes to create your Server and set up latest updates.  The Server creation time can increase up to 30 minutes while installation of ISPManager 5. 

What languages does the Technical Support Department speak?

We speak Russian and English fluently and have some command of German. 

I want to order a Server, can you advise me an operation system?

We advise you to use CentOS Operational System that was built on the Linux Red Hat base. It is suitable for most essential tasks.

Do you deal with the domain names registration?

No, because we do believe in all Horses for Courses, that, every job must be done by the best relevant specialist. We are fully focused on providing quality Hosting Services, i.e. Virtual and Dedicated Servers. Therefore, you will definitely receive the Service you wanted to receive, and will be happy.

What virtualization technology is available at your Virtual Servers?

KVM. Our experience shows that this is one of the best system for this type of Service. 

Can I test your Services prior ordering?

We do not provide testing period free of charge.  However, we are ready to ensure full refund within 30 days since purchasing our Service - if you will be unsatisfied. Though we'll do everything possible and impossible to prevent your unsatisfaction! Moreover, in exeptional cases, we are ready to provide the free of charge testing period in mannual mode. Please contact us in this respect (probably, the Client's verification will be requested).

What is the minimum payment period?

The minimum payment period is one month. The payment for 3, 6 and 12 months provides different discounts. We are aimed at the long-term relationships with our clients. That is way, we are happy to propose you interesting discounts if you pay for the long period.

Do you have open vacancies?

No, we don’t. Our staff is full-manned. 

Can I rent PA Network block?

Yes, sure. You can rent the needed Network block with Dedicated Server service. Please contact us to discuss the cost and your demands. The minimum block for rent is /24 (255 IP-addresses).

Technical Questions

What is your IP-address block?

Our current networks are as follows:

IPv6: 2a01:9520::/29


ASN: AS62088

We advise you to check the tracert (traceroute) on the IP-address. 

What TIER level does your Data Center have?


What operators do you cooperate with?

We are currently connected to RETN, Interoute, Level3, TeliaSonera, AMS-IX, NLix, GTT, PCCW Global, Atrato, OPI, TATA, NLayer. The volume of our current connections amounts 100G.

I’m going to purchase many Servers, but I want to have the direct channel to other operator…is it possible?

Of course, it is possible. Our equipment is situated in the vicinity of 500 world-class operators. Please contact us to discuss this issue.

What type of communication equipment do you use? I heard, that most hosting providers use ordinary servers to maintain their traffic.

We use the Juniper equipment. Our router has been duplicated according to the N+1 scheme. At this very moment of answering, we have the Juniper-MX960 routers.

Is it possible to announce personal network block or build the BGP?

It is possible. We can assist, if necessary.

Can you help with a website migration?

No problems! Please leave us a Request using the Client Login system and submit the access data (both to the old Server and the new one).  We’ll implement your request within a day.

What kind of storage do you use?

We use hard RAID10 built on the SSD Intel Server release or SAS + SSD Server release. In the latter case, the SSD discs are used for Cache, all Servers and their general working components are being N+1 duplicated.

Who is the manufacture of the Servers? Have you tested them prior to commissioning?

All our Servers have been gathered on the Supermicro platform. They are completely new and have been purchased from official Supermicro dealer.  All Servers have been tested for loading during 7 days of working. As soon as Server released, our system test all components automatically within 24 hours.

What if something breaks? I cannot wait till they repair!

You will not have to wait at all! All components are available on-the-go within one hour as applied.

I want to set up the Server for my personal needs. Can I send you the Terms of Reference?

Yes, of course! Your task will be implemented within one working day.

I want to check up the speed – where can I download the testing file?

1000 mb- testing file is available here10000 mb- testing file is available here.

If wget is more convenient to you, just use it as follows: wget or wget

Testing our speed through Speedtest service is available here, use the setting "Begin test, your preferred server".

Is it possible to connect the NFS storage for backups?

Yes, it is possible. Contact us for service activation. Provided free of charge up to 200 gigabytes of disk space.